Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Verity Turns Eight

Happy Birthday to my beautiful Verity! My world changed forever the moment you were placed in my arms. You wanted a sunshine party because you are our sunshine. You are smart, sweet and thoughtful, and you give the world's best hugs. Not a day goes by without you drawing me a picture of the two of us holding hands, with "I love you" written on it. I'm one blessed Mama to have you as my daughter and I love you more than you will ever know.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Pumpkin Patch 2016

These pictures sure made Mama happy. :)

This was my favorite part of the day. We put her down in the pumpkin patch and she ran to this pumpkin, squatted down and began frantically signing "please." We started teaching her baby sign language a few months ago and somehow along the way she just started using the sign for "thank you" any time she wanted something. She does it like she is blowing a kiss with her mouth wide open and its the cutest thing ever.

While the girls gingerly picked through the pumpkins looking for one without mud, this boy found his the-more-dirt-the-merrier- perfect pumpkin.

Why does my baby look so grown up?

Speaking of babies, this one is in her last two weeks of being seven. I can't believe it!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Happy Birthday, Hyacinth!

Happy Birthday to the most delightful one year old. Our family pretty much revolves around you. Each of your siblings just adores you, and you light up when they come into the room.  Each morning Verity asks over and over when you are going to wake up, just like its Christmas. About once a week she says to me, "Mommy, I still can't believe we have Hyacinth!"

You have such a loving, tender heart for such a tiny girl. If one of your siblings is crying you rush over to coo and pat them. You love dolls and walk around cooing sweet nothings them while you hold them up on your shoulder and pat their backs. 

You have this wild and crazy personality. Most days I just laugh and shake my head while I watch you and marvel. You run around the house shrieking and screaming with laughter. You try to do somersaults and headstands. You climb on everything and I've had to take my childproofing to new levels. You are already jumping with two feet off the ground. You are such a daredevil and have no fear.

You are independent and think you are as old as your siblings. You love getting to run errands with Dad and Verity, and relish getting to wave at new people.

You adore your Dad like no other. You look at him with stars in your eyes

I love you more than words can say. You are a living reminder to me that everything happens for a reason, and that God is so worthy of my trust. He has turned my tears into dancing. 

I woke up this morning to your birth mom texting you on your special day, and I felt so much love. I felt so connected to her, us two mothers texting our excitement for you on this big day, waiting for you to wake up. She and I are the two women who love you most in this whole wide world, and I am so blessed to be able to share your life with her. Both of us are besotted with you, gorgeous girl. 
 Happy Birthday!

Hyacinth's Fiesta Birthday Party

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Hyacinth's Adoption Story Video

Next week our Hyacinth will turn one, and I am already getting very sentimental about it. I know that this one year mark is often a difficult time for birth mothers, and Hyacinth's sweet birth mom has been constantly in my thoughts as this day gets closer. I made this video of Hyacinth's adoption story both for her to be able to watch each year as she grows and also for her birth mom to have as well. She loved it and said that I could share it, so here it is. This precious girl is so loved and is such a gift to us and each of her big siblings. Quite simply, we adore her.

Hyacinth's Adoption Story Video